Explore Our Wide Selection of Ford Trucks in Rochester, NY

We know that there are true truck lovers all over New York and, if you're in the Rochester, NY area on the search for your next pickup, then look no further than right here at Van Bortel Ford! We offer a wide assortment of awesome Ford pickup trucks that are perfect for everything from daily drives, to weekend getaways, to tackling big work projects.



Everyone knows and loves the full-size Ford F-150; this big truck boasts some seriously impressive specs and - thanks to a massive selection of trims, cab styles, bed styles, and optional packages - you'll have absolutely no trouble finding the one that best fits your lifestyle. Of course, if you're in need of something even bigger with more power and performance to get you through even the toughest situations, the F-250 and the even larger F-350 won't break a sweat under pressure.

There's a lot to learn about these vehicles and, if you have a smaller budget, there's the potential to find these models in our selection of used Ford vehicles as well! No matter what you decide on, we'll be here in Rochester, ready and waiting to assist you however we can.


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